living room conundrum

by five nine three

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this one is shittier than the first


released July 25, 2015



all rights reserved


five nine three Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

June 2015 - May 2017

new music will be posted under the name Stop Motion

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Track Name: daniella's paradox
i had a dream about you the other night, you were skating on the ice
your sister was with you, i think
whoever it was, you were holding her hand as she started to sink
and the ground opened up and she fell inside
you were happy, you were laughing
there were flowers by your feet
oh, how sad it is to know we'll never meet
i hope you're ok
Track Name: you'll never hear this from new york and that's probably a good thing
she asked me, "did you cry?"
of course i did, i replied
but what am i supposed to say
this is not about me this time, please i know you don't want to die

"i am dead inside", she said
"haven't you noticed as the years go by,
i am emptying myself.
i don't love you anymore, i am a bad person."
and i said no, you are not gone.
you are not your emptiness.
and the real question is, do you wanna die
or do you want to be different?
oh, you're redirecting it,
the desire to be new.
you said "it's easier to feel nothing,
i am void of all emotion".
but we both know that isn't true.

i remember you calling me, you ran away from home,
said you were jumping off a bridge and then you hung up the phone.
"i love life," you said, "i have the greatest friends
and things get better. it'll never get better and he's never coming back.
you're an angel. don't leave me or i swear i will collapse, i swear i will collapse
things fall apart, whatever. you are my inspiration, want to be a better person.
please don't call me again. light of my life,
you deserve so much better. i couldn't care at all."

it's a little about me this time, i hope you will be happy.
Track Name: preoccupying space
i wanna go to outer space,
i want to be replaced.
please don't forget my face,
i want to separate.

i want to be separate from myself,
let me leave my body,
i want to pull apart.

she closes her eyes,
says the color is peach this time,
i do not know why.
i never want to die.