three songs for being sad

by five nine three

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released December 5, 2016



all rights reserved


five nine three Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

June 2015 - May 2017

new music will be posted under the name Stop Motion

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Track Name: a heaviness
i have a heart made of sand
its always jumping out of my chest
and slipping through my hands
made so fragile it could never last
it's washed away when the waves roll in

i have a heart made of sand
and it weighs me down
so i cannot stand
when you look at me i start to sink
i try to move but i just can't

i have a heart made of sand
you'll bag some up and take it home
whenever you can
that's okay, take all you want
it's less for me to carry into the ocean
Track Name: inside out
i want to be something else
let me grow into
a new part of u
i don't want to be myself

i can be smaller
i can shrink for u
i can be quiet
if you need me to
i dont take up very much space
but i am so loud
and out of place
when u yell i am afraid
i will up and leave my body
i will yell and be afraid
this is not my body
Track Name: idiot girl finally realizes just how stupid she really is
i made a promise that id hurt no one
with a knife pressed in i swear im almost done
you say that this will hurt a bit
but i insist that i can deal with it
i made a promise that i would not lie
i will keep that promise til the day i die
oh no
that one was a lie

take a lesson from a hypocrite
if you listen close you'll see im full of shit
but youre free if you want to sit through it

you made a promise that you would try
then you rolled over and you let it die
i say i am hurt a bit
you say you dont know why you did it
oh no
please dont go

take a lesson from an idiot
if you listen close you'll see i dont know shit
but youre free if you want to sit through this