With Love,

by five nine three

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a jumbled up clusterfuck of feelings.

dedicated to my old dog and best friend nala

track #5 - words, guitar, and vocals by victoria vartanyan


released August 4, 2016



all rights reserved


five nine three Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

June 2015 - May 2017

new music will be posted under the name Stop Motion

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Track Name: there comes a time to say goodbye
for every hi, there is a goodbye
no point in asking why,
for every high there is a low
you say you don't know

held onto my dogs paw
when i was eleven
but she still died the next week
i asked my dad if dogs go to heaven

my grandma said goodbye over the phone
something i've always known,
drove to school with a heavy heart
and cried the whole way home

for every start there is an end
no point in asking when
for every high there is a low
you beg me not to go
Track Name: song for waking up. just because because you don't believe it's real, doesn't mean it stops existing
i dont want to be lazy
but i'm never waking up when i want
my body just doesn't cooperate with the alarm that i set
or listen to the time that i thought
i would wake up

i dont want to be crazy
but i always tell myself that i am
my brain just doesn't work so well with the daily tasks that are set before me
and never any long term plans
so i fall apart

i dont want to be waiting
for a day that i believe i'm real
the world just doesnt seem to match up with what im told
or any of the things i feel
and so i panic

i dont want to be fading
i feel it more each time i dream
the nights just dont seem long enough for me to see
everything that i see in my sleep
and i wake up
Track Name: neither for better nor for worse
i'll never tell the world what you did
after all i find solace in the fact
that we were only kids

i still remember the smell of your house
elementary school memories that i could live without,

i can't love people like i used to,
feeling i'd have no one if i lost you, but
love shouldn't feel like routine,
never saying quite what i mean

love is not a dust pan and a broom,
frantically trying to bring together
all the particles in the room
there is nothing to be made out of it,
there is nothing left here to be saved

by the library, the world caved in
every where with you, caving in again
and i'm sure you don't remember
because we were only kids

but 7 years have past
and i'm so much more than what you asked of me love will collect once more like the dust inside the memories of childhood homes,
i'll leave it alone so it can grow into the greatest love i've ever known
Track Name: the best days have come and gone, there are better times ahead.
sitting at the park with my friends
I fall asleep and see it but it's only in my head
and we grow up and that's ok
because the memories seem better than they ever were in the first place
romanticize the past but i hated the past before it past me by
i miss the things that crushed me, singing as we drove at night

goodbye to my old friends
i miss you but we're better off
i'm sorry to all my friends
for the things that i do and how little we talk

and i'm sorry for repeating the same things
in different ways in every song
i'm sorry for crying so much about change when i'm pretty sure i haven't changed at all,
because change is sad but it's sadder if i'm never growing up

i'm not helpless i just need a little help
i'm not sick im just not feeling all too well
and my worst day yet will be washed away by many more worst days before im dead
the best days have come and gone
and there are better ones ahead
Track Name: song for the car ride home. looking out of the window feels like the scene right before the credits
home is
never where the heart is
home is your never ending search for greatness
just to settle down would never settle for less than your whole soul in return
you have a whole lot more to learn. there is still so much left to learn
and how a turn can lead to crash, and every turn may be the last,
for every cause, you will react
just let your head fall in your hands
let the car window touch your face
it's a long way home
when home never stays in place