I Only Like Fireworks When They Are Far Enough Away

by five nine three

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"enough of this angsty bullshit, mary!"

-u probably


i dont know if i will ever see your face again
boring places, boring actions, are boring me
people become boring stories that you tell to your friends

and how i wish i wouldn't feel the emptiness i do
and how you wish that things were different,
the things i say to you
the world itself is not immortal,
but you hope it won't end soon

saying things i said i'll say i never said
and it hurts my head, it hurts my head
thinking things you thought though you thought you'd never think
mirror, hands, faucet, sink. mirror, hands, faucet, sink.

and if the world reaches out to kiss you,
tell it only on the cheek,
don't let the crying in the shower convince you,
just rinse and repeat
don't think, rinse and repeat

i don't know if i will ever see your face again
trying so hard to not be boring is boring me and
i write some words about it, sing it to my friends

glancing at my fingernails, i'll never speak again
but i always speak again, and i always speak again, one day i wonder when


released July 7, 2016



all rights reserved


five nine three Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

June 2015 - May 2017

new music will be posted under the name Stop Motion

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